Greg's popular collections/revues have delighted music educators, students and audiences with songs that educate, entertain and create top-notch performance s. Heritage Music Press now presents this newest collection for the special mo nth of December. Written in a wide variety of styles, the songs touch on many of the different pictures we all see or associate with December: snow and wint er scenes, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, a Hanukkah dance, the tenants of Kwan zaa, caroling, bells, and more. Use a giant picture frame for your performance area, or, if a revue is not your choice, each of these songs stands alone as an individual two-part choral piece. You might also consider interspersing you r own musical selections to create a more personalized program. Like Greg's ot her collections, this book includes vocal/piano scores, reproducible vocal par ts and a Performance/Accompaniment CD.

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